There's a hippo on the roof

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There's a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake shares a young girl's imagination of a hippo who seems able to do anything he likes - and not get into trouble!

The oracy book pack for There's a hippopotamus contains a lesson plan and all supporting resource materials for each activity.

Theme: food

Lesson plan includes:

- general preparatory discussion notes: 'eating cake - favourite foods'

- puppet / language activity

- language game: There's a hippo ... sentences

- barrier game: basic concepts

- memory activity (visual/verbal based) - sentence patterning

- 2 sound level activities: counting syllables & sound blending

- 2 word level activities: describing adjectives & word association

- 2 sentence level activities: sentence combining & sentence extension

- 3 text level activities: same and different ; game - what am I? & text innovation (hippo variations)