The following oracy lesson plans have been written for a set of Tanzanian folk tales.  They are freely available for download to anyone who might be interested.


The Amazing Tree    by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - Amazing Tree


Fresh Fish     by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - Fresh Fish


True Friends     by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - True Friends


Loito and the Lioness     as told by David Read  (written by Birgit Hendry)

     Resource pages - Loito


Rain God of the Wambulu     as told by David Read  (written by Birigt Hendry)

     Resource pages - Rain God



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The silent partner? Language, Interaction and Aided Communication

Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome: A discussion of speech dysfluencies

Dealing with capacity and other legal issues with adults with acquired neurological conditions