Who sank the boat?

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Who sank the boat? is a humourous story told in rhyme, with a rolling, forward paced tempo, that leads children on a journey of discovery to find out 'who sank the boat'.

The oracy book pack for Who sank the boat? contains a lesson plan and all supporting resource materials for each activity.

Lesson plan includes:

- general preparatory discussion notes (friends)

- puppet / language activity (sentence patterning)

- language game: describing 'friendship'

- barrier game: positional concepts

- memory activity (verbal ordering position)

- 2 sound level activities: initial sounds - alliteration / word segmenting

- 2 word level activity: distinctive features (parts) / prepositions (nominal) 

- 2 sentence level activity: relative clauses / complex sentences / Who? questions (comprehension)

- 3 text level activities: story retell /  instructions / experiment (cause-effect) / text innovation

- a set of Blank's Questions scripted for the book