The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek

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The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek is a story about a bunyip, who doesn't know what he is, what he looks like - or anything! He is very lonely and no-one wants to stop and help him, they all just think he is horrible.  But one night another bunyip comes along ...

The oracy book pack for The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek contains a lesson plan and all supporting resource materials for each activity.

Lesson plan includes:

- general preparatory discussion notes (the bush and bush animals)

- puppet / language activity (social questioning)

- language game: describing 'who am I?'

- barrier game: giving / following directions

- memory activity (sequencing steps)

- a set of Blank's Questions scripted for the book

- 2 sound level activities: initial sounds - rhyming / counting syllables

- 2 word level activities: distinctive features (parts) / sorting (synonyms & antonyms)

- 2 sentence level activities: listening comprehension / sentence completion

- 3 text level activities: social language - sending compliments / expository report / (The Yeti of Mount Everest) text innovation