Speech Language Therapy and Professional Identity

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Speech and Language Therapy and Professional Identity: Challenging Received Wisdom

Jane Stokes and Marian McCormick

Values and practices within the profession of speech and language therapy are based in deeply embedded assumptions that form a tacit knowledge base, not always accessible to practitioners and students of speech and language therapy. Received wisdom about what a speech and language therapist (SLT) does greatly influences the development of professional identity. Unspoken sets of values that surround the work of SLTs in the UK in the 21st century are often unchallenged and unexplored in the professional literature.

Reflecting on the ways in which our universities and placement experiences prepare student practitioners for their career, we are faced with a range of unarticulated prejudices and preconceptions. This book aims to explore and challenge the ways that students are prepared for professional practice. It reflects a diversity of views and will contribute to a broader, richer conversation about issues that lie under the SLT profession.

About the Authors

Jane Stokes is currently Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy in the School of Health & Social Care, University of Greenwich. Her primary area of teaching is in developmental language difficulties in children, with a special clinical interest in bilingual children. Additionally she teaches on professional development in speech and language therapy, outcome measurement, and evidence based practice.

Marian McCormick has been a practising SLT for 25 years, in which time she has worked in a variety of settings in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She is now Programme Director on the Postgraduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at Canterbury Christ Church University. Since joining the university in 2006, her interests in learning and teaching and integrating reflective practice into SaLT education have underpinned her work.